Simply put, a Zip and Link mattress is two mattresses zipped in the middle. By adding the zip and link in the middle you can split your mattress in half.

We recommend that Double size (137cm x 190cm) and above mattresses are split for ease of delivery and maintenance. These zip and link mattresses are manufactured as two smaller, fully-functional mattresses (each half the intended size) which are then joined in the middle down their length to create one full-size large mattress.

Zip And Link Mattresses Explained

Our mattresses are made using natural materials - which means they tend to be heavier than the standard (especially when it comes to our fully natural-fibre mattresses).

Because of this, we recommend that our larger mattresses are produced in two halves and zipped together with our Zip & Link system. A zip is cleverly stitched into the hems along the top and bottom on the 'inside' of each smaller mattress. They then link together to form one larger mattress once in the correct room - this is where the term ‘Zip and Link’ comes from.

Why Do I Need A Zip & Link Mattress?

The main reason people usually buy a Zip & Link system is for ease of transport - bigger mattresses are harder to move around. The transportation process is simplified by splitting bigger mattresses in half, making it easier to move mattresses through lifts, small corridors and up sets of stairs.

Below is a Zip & Link Mattress guide. It shows the dimensions of each larger mattress, as well as the dimensions of the mattresses, created once split which can be zipped together or used on two separate beds.

Can I Split Any Mattress?

We only recommend splitting for Double size (137cm x 190cm) mattress and above. Manoeuvring a single (90cm x 190cm) will not be as difficult as an a King (150xcm x 200cm) or an Emperor (200cm x 200cm).

However, all our adult mattresses can be split and linked together with a Zip. There are no limitations when it comes to mattress composition.

This means that a Super King Mattress can be easily split into two independently-functioning Long Single mattresses.

A super king mattress can be split into two single mattresses, as seen in the example to the left.

Did You Know?

Did you know that we employ similar technique with some of our NaturalmatBed Base? With a split Bed Baseand a Split Naturalmat Matress, you can turn a super kingguest suiteinto a dual-singleguest suite with ease.

Can I Zip and Link Two Different Mattresses?

Yes - at Naturalmat we offer a range of pocket sprung mattresses that can be mixed and matched in a Zip and Link to suit your taste. So, if you prefer a slightly firmer mattress but your partner prefers softer support, we can provide for you by linking mattresses of two different tensions of the same mattress type together.

The only exception is linking mattresses of different heights together. We strongly advise against linking two mattresses with different heights together as this will create a noticeable joining point and might feel uncomfortable during sleep.

You can learn more about how tall our mattresses are in our Mattress Height Guide.

Pocket Spring

If you need help picking the right mattress, give us a call on 0208 090 2845 - we will be very happy to talk you through the options. You can also visit our showrooms or book an online consultation with our Sleep Experts.